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    How to add link to legends?

      Hello, everyone:


      There are some legends in my dashboard, and I want to add links of wiki pages on the legends.

      1. Could I do that?

      2. How to do that?


      Thanks very much


      Best regards,


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          Shawn Wallwork

          zhenzhu, you can't do this with legends, but you can do it with 'fake' legends. Take a screen shot of your legend (or create one from scratch in Power Point or your favorite graphics program). Then insert this in your dashboard in place of the legend. Here's one I created recently (so I could get the legend layout I needed):



          Since it is now an image, you can right click it and 'set URL...':



          If you want each item to link to a different wiki, then each one will need to be a separate image. Hope this workaround helps. (And hope Francois & his team notes that legends need a bit more layout flexibility. )




          Edit: Before someone jumps in to let me know you can force legends to display as a single row, take a look at this:


          Legend Issue-1.PNG

          In this case Tableau legends are completely unusable. Even though this viz is for the ad agency's Media department, they'll get creamed by the graphic artists and art directors when they make presentations if they use Tableau legends!


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            Hi, Shawn, Dude,and anybody else

            Thank you very much. I finish two dashboards following  your method. But when I handle a third one, I met another problem. The image was out of shape. I don't know why.  Please see http://community.tableau.com/thread/118149

            p.s. These dashboards were created by others , My work is just add link on it.


            Thanks very much.


            Best regards,

            Zhengwen ZHU

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              Shawn Wallwork

              That's weird, I swear I posted a response to this. Oh well, here you go again zhu. Click the little triangle and you'll get control of your stretched image:




              Hope this helps, again



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                Thanks Shawn, I have replied you in the other thread. When I click the little triangle I found no such many options here:



                The image have been stretched.



                Zhengwen ZHU

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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  Are you in 6.1 or 7.0? Try making the container smaller (narrower).



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                    Michael Cristiani



                    If you hover over the boundary between legend entries in your problem Tableau Legend example, do you get a vertical dashed boundary indicator which will let you edit the width of the individual elements in the legend?


                    MANY BLESSINGS!

                    Michael W Cristiani

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                      Shawn Wallwork

                      Michael thanks for that tip! That'll be great for a quick down & dirty viz. But unfortunately the re-sizing is uniform, effecting all the spacing of all the items, so while you can make it so none of the words are truncated, you end up increasing the extra white space problem:


                      Color Legend.PNG

                      Now if the if the boundary line only effected the item to the left of it that would be a total solution, allowing for a professional looking legend!


                      Thanks again, I'll definitely use this when all my labels are of similar length.



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                        Thank you for giving helpful answer, maybe I am in an uncommon situation. Rebuilding the project may help resolving the problem. I will have a try.


                        Zhengwen ZHU