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    action url opens a new window

    Faryal Ali



      I am using action url for a fiters dashboard to navigate to the dashboard with worksheet.  When I move from worksheet's dashboard to Filters' dashboard opens a new popup and when I try to move back from worksheet to filters' dashboard,  it opens a second popup. Currently the urls are like


      Filters page:



      Worksheet Page:




      I want the worksheet to open in same window. Is there any solution without embedding the url in Iframe or using javascript?


      I have tried ?:linktarget=tab1, ?:linktarget=_self , ?:embed=yes , :target=framename e.g. 




      from the following link:





      But my issue remains same. Is there any solution to my problem?

      Note: urls are not actual ones.

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Faryal -


          Great ideas all, but we ignore linktarget


          I've asked questions around this myself, and it appears there (right now, anyway) is no way to do this using the technique we'd lean on in the "web world".


          That being said, if you choose to publish your workbook with "Show sheets as Tabs" turned on, you'll get the "browse within the IFRAME/Embed window without popups" behavior that you're looking for.


          Good luck!

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            Reginald Green

            The inability to navigate to other dashboards when tabs are not visible is really frustrating. I have users who are constantly navigating via the tabs, when I actually want then to navigate via the actions I have setup.

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              Agreed. Can we submit this to the development team for resolution in a future version? It would be nice to have the option when posting to server to have the action either open in a new window or in the same window regardless of the "Show sheets as Tabs" option. This is essential in publishing quality Tableau Apps with guided navigation.

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                saranya karthi

                Hi Russell,

                Do we have workaround for this problem. because users are not happy to see the different views getting updated in the same tab.

                I have tried the :linktarget=_blank in the URL.


                Could you please suggest me if u have anything that can be used in the URL to make it work.