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    Exact dashboard size is smaller than it is set to be?


      I'm currently using a dashboard with an exact size of 677x420pixels to publish graphs to our Tableau Server.


      I've set up the size in the dashboard view at 677x420 pixels, and the size must be exactly this, as the graph is downloaded as a .png file (using the URL request from the server). The graph and legend size are set at a Fixed Width of 577pixels and 100 pixels so that there is no change to the formatting (the combined width from this should be 677pixels, no?).


      However, when I view the image or download it from the server, for some reason it is now an image of 661x404 pixels. I've attached the output image and a screenshot of what the dashboard setup looks like.


      Aside from going through and figuring out what the size difference is and testing different dashboard sizes to get it exactly right, I don't know what else to do to fix this. Perhaps it is some sort of bug?


      Any help or tips are appreciated.