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    What did Tableau do to my Measure Name?

    Eric Maher

      I have a workbook that connects to an Oracle view for it's data.

      One day I discovered a new field in the Measures section called: Calculation_92505110906443

      Even when I looked at the properties, it said this was how it was defined in the extract.

      Eventually some errors starting popping up and at one point I was able to capture the offending [tableau-generated] sql (see below).

      Eventually I was able to refresh the the data source without getting an error and this rogue field went away, but I have a feeling that it's the result of bad data (or bad sql).

      Can anyone give me any ideas on what to look for?






              (table [Extract].[Extract])


                ([AGRMT_TYPE] [AGRMT_TYPE])

                ([Calculation_6600328101637221] [Calculation_6600328101637221])

                ([DESCRIPTION] [DESCRIPTION])

                ([ITEM] [ITEM])

                ([ORDER_UOM] [ORDER_UOM])

                ([STOCK_UOM] [STOCK_UOM])

                ([PO_NUMBER] [PO_NUMBER])

                ([none_ITEM_nk] [ITEM])

                ([none_Calculation_3950301111402866_nk] [Calculation_3950301111402866])

                ([none_Calculation_9750302112817430_nk] [Calculation_9750302112817430])




              (isnull [PO_NUMBER])




            ([none_Calculation_3950301111402866_nk] [none_Calculation_3950301111402866_nk])

            ([none_Calculation_9750302112817430_nk] [none_Calculation_9750302112817430_nk])




              (sum [ITEM_QTY_SUOM])




        ([none_Calculation_3950301111402866_nk] [none_Calculation_9750302112817430_nk] [sum_ITEM_QTY_SUOM_qk])