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    Tableau Desktop minimized - CPU usage curiosity

    Tim Latendress

      I was sitting quietly drinking my morning coffee reading some online news and noticed the flickering of the CPU light on my laptop. So, I opened Task manager to see exactly what was going on and found Tableau.exe toggling between 0-2% and using roughly 20Mb of memory. Tableau (Version 7.0.2) was minimized with a workbook of 7 (hidden) sheets and 3 dashboards all connected to a single TDE. I simply maximized Tableau and, after the initial spike, watched it settle in at ~53Mb memory with a 0-8% CPU toggle. Minimized Tableau and it drops to 8Mb memory with a 0-2% CPU toggle before eventually climbing back to 20Mb memory.


      I am curious to know what Tableau is doing while minimized that would require CPU. At first I thought it might be some sort of active license check but the FlexNet License service, though running, is not clocking at all.