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    Row level calculation and high level aggregate -

    Rama Kunaparaju



      Please refer to the attached workbook and Excel data.


      Each COID has several PIDs. I have create a calculated field at the PID level which does the following.


      if count([EVER])=countd([ID]) and sum([INQ])=0 then countd([PID]) else 0 end


      So for each PID we have a value of 0 or 1 for the calculation. Out of the 162 rows you see in "sheet-1" 155 of them have a value of 1 and the rest have a 0 for the calculation.


      I want to do this aggregation at the COID level, but the calculation should be done at the PID level


      For example the second sheet should look like this


      COID  Calculation(1)


      1280      155


      I have tried a few things, but it seems like i am missing something. Please advise


      Thank you