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    2 errors in table formatting

    Taha Gökçe


      I am a new user,

      I have 2 questions;

      1- I select day option as display format of date, no problem, but I have a "Day of " addition in my heading, and cannot erase it from heading.



      2- Is there a restriction on number of columns for tables, when I added one more item after six items into rows section, it brings the two columns together as one column as below picture, seperated by comma.


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          Alex Kerin

          Not really sure what you are trying to remove for 1) - this may just need a different format (right click the pill, number format)


          For 2), to to the menu, Analysis, table layout, advanced, and up the number of rows (one is the total you can have before the commas appear, the other is is the row name appears horizontally or vertically

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            Taha Gökçe

            Thanks for your answer.


            2) is ok, as you described.


            1) right click, change date format to "Exact Date", and then;

                Dimensions, right click of the item, "Change Date Type", "Date"

                so I could exclude "Day of" statement from the label.