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    Why does the count of visits to tableau public sometimes appear and sometimes not?

    Henry Clay

      Looking at the various tableau public vizzes some include the number of visits in the bottom LH corner and some do not.  Why is this?  Looking at my own this does not appear on the views that I can access, but one of the views of it on the Guardian data blog does show the number of visits.  I have looked also at the number of visits as recorded when I log in and it does not appear to be updating.  What am I missing?


      My public viz is at http://www.primarycarefoundation.co.uk/benchmark


      The Guardian data blog which includes one dashboard from the original as at http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/interactive/2012/apr/19/gp-primary-care


      Even though the latter shows a figure for the number of visits it does not appear to be updating..


      Something similar seems to be happening looking at those highlighted on the community opening page.  The count for views of the winter wheat Viz as pick of today seems to work, but I can't see counts for other vizzes...


      Thanks if anyone can advise