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    Count value only where another value is unique

      Hope someone can assist me with this problem:


      I have a data sheet containing participants in an online promotional campaign. The data is set up this way. I am filtering on date.


      Date&Time Emailnewsletter opt-in
      5-1-2012 10:001@domain.comyes
      5-1-2012 10:01
      5-1-2012 10:022@domain.comno
      5-1-2012 10:032@domain.comno


      I'm counting unique participants by COUNTD(Email)

      and newsletter optins using a boolean:


      IF ([newsletter opt-in]="yes")=TRUE

      THEN 1

      ELSE 0



      Now I want to count the number of 'yes' entries in the newsletter opt-in field, but only for unique email addresses. I can't use filters because I'm filtering other fields in the same sheet on date. Can anyone tell me how to do this?


      Thank you in advance!