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    Multiple Column Search - Choose 1 Column

    Chris Turnbull

      Hi All,


      My present conundrum is to try and combine 8 Columns but just have one Quick Filter instead of 8.


      We have a Status called Vulnerable Learner and the Categories are Ethnic, FSM, Ment, RD, STA, SA+, SA, YC (Each of these have there own Column with a choice of Y or Null)


      I would like a Compact quick Search that had those Choices Plus an All Option.  If I Selected All it would of course show all records, if I selected FSM only the records with a Y in the FSM fiield would be shown.  Is this possible?


      I have searched the forum but have failed to come up with a solution - I guess I need a Parameter but I am sure of how to put this together.