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    How do you fix broken custom views?

      When we change a workbook and republish it to the server, it breaks the custom views that were created on that workbook. How do you access and fix the users' custom views if the underlying workbook changes?

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Peter,


          The following link may be helpful:




          Take not of the second paragraph. Depending on what was done to the workbook, or how the workbook was republished, it may be necessary for the users to recreate their custom views.


          Hope this helps!



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            Tracy - you're spot on with your reference. Here is the follow up from me and support in case anyone else has issues with custom views and is looking for more detail.


            I'm actually looking for a way to access the metadata for the custom views to alter them directly rather than asking users to re-create their custom views if the underlying workbook changes to the point the custom views break. Doesn't appear to be possible right now, so I'll plan accordingly.


            My reply to the initial support response:

            • "It appears the issue is related to the filters. When we change the filters in the underlying workbook, the view breaks. When we re-apply the filters the view works again. While this took care of the issue in this circumstance, if we ever change the underlying workbook's filters it seems that all customized views will be broken. Is there a way to update the customized views to use new filters? Not sure how the underlying views are stored, but it seems like there should be a way to get at the customized views definition to apply the new filters to it."

            Response from support:

            • "Currently there isn't a way to apply changes to the customized views and I will file a feature request to this effect with our product team on your behalf. Though I have found the customized views to be reasonably tolerant to underlying view changes, customized views are best utilized once a viz has reached its practically finalized state and published. If the viz is going through rapid iterations and changing frequently, it would probably be best to let users know that the view is changing and may affect their customized views. Some customers have also had success publishing a second iteration of the view that is used for the prototyping while maintaining another that remains static, then is replaced when the second viz is finalized."
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