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    Custom Display



      I am stuck with an issue and can't proceed unless it's fixed.


      Below is an example of my data:


      AZone 11200
      Zone 43000
      BZone 42000
      CZone 24000


      Below is how i want it to show in Tableau:


      AZone 1 + Zone 44200
      BZone 42000
      CZone 24000


      'A' falls in both Zone 1 and Zone 4. How do i put it up in a format i stated above?


      Thanks so much!


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          Any Ideas on this please?



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            Dennis Schoder

            Hello Sonia,


            You could try the following formulas when there are 2 zone records per name:


            Formula to merge the zones:

            if window_count(attr([Zone])) < 2

                then attr([Zone])


                lookup(attr([Zone]), -1) + ', ' + attr([Zone])



            Formula to merge the accompanying sales:

            if window_count(sum([Sales])) < 2

                then sum([Sales])


                lookup(sum([Sales]), -1) + sum([Sales])



            Then put 'Name' and the zone merge formula on rows, and the sales merge formula in text. Put 'Zone' in level of detail. In the two formulas, go to compute using and select 'Zone' in there. As a last step apply the zone merge formula as a filter, and exclude the 'Null' in there. This should deliver the desired result.


            Maybe that helps,


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              Hey Thank you!


              The below calculation helped me better coz i have a huge data worksheet:


              if Countd([Zone])>=2

              then "Zone 1 + Zone 2"

              else attr([Zone])



              Was able to figure out later.


              Thanks so much again!