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    Printing from a dashboard

      I am having trouble setting up a dashboard to allow people to print from it, and to get all of the data that is in the view.


      For example, I have a dashboard with a long list of numbers, which requires a scroll bar to see all of it. When I print it, it will only print what is currently visible(similar to if I were to do a print screen), and not the portion that is hidden due to the length of it.


      This problem does not exist when I print from a worksheet. From a worksheet, it will print all of the data, regardless if it is 10 pages long.


      I have tried using the "Fit" option to force all of the data on the screen, but it becomes too small text to read.


      Am I missing something on the print settings?



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Anthony,


          The dashboard is meant to be used as a presentation tool, and therefore, it is by design that it will only print what is in the view. One option may be to change the size of the dashboard, separate the dashboard into multiple dashboards or print out the sheets.


          This might be a good one to place in the Ideas section!



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            Jamie Sidey

            Hi Tracy,


            Do you know if there are any plans to adapt/extend dashboards to be used as a publishing tool as well as a presentation tool?


            Views generate PDFs reasonably well, but dashboards are really hit-or-miss. It would be great if dashboards could be used for publishing.