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    Determining if a product falls within stocking levels




      I am trying to do a report on if stocking levels are "below min", "within range" or "above max". I should be getting one of the three values per catalog number but instead I get "below min" first with a corresponding value of what the minimum is. Then if the quantity at hand is larger than the min, I get a value for "within range"... and if the quantity is above the maximum, the remainder is presented on the "above max line".


      For example: The first catalog_no below, the quantity in stock is 683 units. The min is 311 units. Max is 800 units. Since its lower than the max, the minimum shows up, and the remained shows up on the within range.


      Calculation used:  If [Qty] > [Max] Then "Above Max" elseif [Qty] < [Min] then "Below Min" else "Within Range" end


      Compression bolt tableau.JPG


      I've made a dummy workbook that works fine using the calculation i made for this...  any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you very much.