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    Embedded Visualization and Users Access



      I have embedded some visualizations in some pages of our internal web sites. I would like to invite users to see the deployed visualizations but I must limit the visibility of some users so they see only the elements that is relevant to their security i.e. country or region.


      I am having hard time finding out how to accomplish this properly:

      1. Is there anyway to embed the user's credentials as parameters? I don't want users to have to sign in to Tableau. As a side note, I am seeing an intermittent problem with this log in dialog,...it does not allow me to type in the user id and password as the loading indicators never stops. I sent this issue to support.
      2. To limit the visibility, I tried the filter parameter (i.e. <param name="filter" value="Product Type=Coffee,Espresso" />). This worked...but users can easily click the revert icon and see everything!!! If I disable the tools, users cannot export!!
      3. I also noticed that filters on embedded visualizations have global effects! In other words, if I log in to the Tableau server and view the same visualization, the filters are also applied!!


      What is the best way to handle this? Any pointer will help....it is really getting a little frustrating.