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    Fetching updated filter values from embedded dashboard to generate embedded image?

      Hi all,


      I'm integrating a client system with Tableau server and I'm having issues fetching updated filter values from an embedded dashboard in order to generate an embedded static image.


      I want to be able to automatically generate a static image of an embedded dashboard once the user has interacted with the dashboard (Set products etc).


      I've had to add the following code to viz_v1.js in order to return the filter value string in javascript:

       window.tableau.Viz.prototype.get_filter_args = function(){ return this._filterArgs; };


      This works in return the set filter values, but they don't seem to update when the user changes something in the embedded dashboard.


      I'm hoping to be able to do something like this:

      var image_url = 'http://server/views/EdgeExample1/Dashboard5.png?embed=yes'+ viz.get_filter_args();
      $('#image').attr('src', image_url);



      Is there any way to keep the filter values in sync with what's happening in an embedded dashboard?


      Many thanks in advance!