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    How can I use user impersonation on ODBC?

      Is there any way to pass the authenticated user (the user that
      is currently logged in to Tableau) to an ODBC connection? In the connection
      string, in DataSourceIPCustomProperties parameter or any other way.


      I've seen that you can use impersonation option in Tableau when
      you use "Microsoft SQL Server" connection but, when I try to publish
      a workbook using ODBC, the option is not available, only "Prompt
      User" and "Embedded Password" are.


      I'm not talking about the username and password you set for the
      connection to ODBC, but the username you use when logging into Tableau. I'm
      using a custom ODBC driver running under Progress DataDirect OpenAccess. Maybe there’s
      another ODBC driver that can support impersonation?



      Many thanks in advance!

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          Robert Morton

          Hi Pablo,


          This is not currently possible. The Tableau feature for impersonation relies on specific syntax in SQL Server for managing the state of impersonation.


          We may consider future support for other databases which have features for managing impersonation, however there are no immediate plans to do so. If this is an important feature to you, please contact your Sales rep to explain your needs and the ways that this feature might expand your company's use of Tableau. This will help us weigh the priority of the feature with many other great feature requests we receive.




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            Gavin Robertson

            Hi Robert


            I see this as a fairly old response. Do we have a provision for this now? Is it possible to let us know about the specific syntax that SQL Server uses?