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    Date Parameter Behavior Different on Desktop vs Server

    Brian Keane

      I'm seeing something funny and was wondering if anybody can help out.


      I have a data parameter and have the setting of "Type In" selected.  In the desktop version of Tableau I get a little calendar icon and when you click on it a full calendar pops up and I can select a date.


      Yet when I publish it (either to my local tableau server or the public tableau server) this functionality disappears.  No calendar icon nor drop down calendar.


      Example of parameter Date Test with icon in Tableau 7 Desktop (pro)Tableau - ParamTest_2012-05-11_14-59-41.png


      Example of parameter Date Test with no icon on Tableau Public Server

      Workbook ParamTest - Google Chrome_2012-05-11_15-00-43.png


      You can see a live version on the tableau public server here --> http://public.tableausoftware.com/shared/T7CB3TRQ5