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    Extract refresh is performing differently in 2 different Workbooks

    Reginald Green

      Hi Everyone,


      I was wondering whether the number or worksheets in Workbook impacts performance when refreshing an extract?


      I have a SQL based extract, which returns 7 million rows. When I do a refresh in an existing workbook the many sheets, the extract performance is awful - 100k row in 2 mins and 45 seconds.


      However when I place the same SQL in another brand new workbook, the extract returns data at the rate of 100k rows in 15 seconds.


      Can someone provide me with some insight, when I attempt to run the existing Workbook, the one with many worksheets, in the Tableau Server, the task constantly fails as the jobs runs for hours.


      Thanks in advance


      Reginald Green

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Reginald,


          It is  best practice to limit the number of worksheets in your workbook, as this can slow down the overall performance of the workbook, not just the extract refresh (having multiple worksheets doesn't always have consistent results when it comes to refreshing an extract, however, it sounds like it is affecting it in your case). The best option would be to probably create a couple workbooks and place them in a project together. Hope this helps a little bit!