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    Does Tableau support data restrictions for users based on the value of a column?



      Let's say you have a data warehouse with fact tables having foreign keys to an "organisation" table. Is it possible in Tableau to restrict users in a group to only access data with a certain value in this organisation column?



      User1 and User2 belong to Group1 and Group2, respectively. Group1 has an "allowed" list of organisation keys 1 and 2, while Group2 has an allowed list of organisation key 3. User1 and User2 should then be able to view the same report, but User1 would have access only to rows having a 1 or 2 in the organisation column, while User2 would only have access to rows with organisation=3.


      I don't know anything about security in Tableau, so my apologies in advance if the answer is obvious! I'm simply wondering if Tableau could replace something like Cognos BI without losing these types of security features.