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    Workbook with Many Dashboards Using 2 Unrelated Data Connections - Data Blening I Don't Want Blended

      I have a large workbook that has approximately 20 dashboards.  Most of the dashboards use the same data connection (one table in an Access data base).  A couple of the dashboards use another data connection (a different table in the same Access date base).  The data in the two tables are NOT related & I don't want them blended, but when I add the second connection Tableau links the 2 data sources based on common fields.  This causes my data to be tabulated incorrectly as data from both tables appears on a dashboard that should only include data from one table.


      I have manually removed any links created by Tableau between the 2 tables but I still get the wrong data set.  My basic question is can you have 2 data connections within one workbook but keep them separate?  The data are not related in any way, they just happen to have common field names (Customer).


      Thanks for helping!