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    Title displays incorrect values after Action Filter applied

    Leigh Fonseca

      I have am using an Action to filter views on a dashboard and expecting the title to update with the filtered value, but it's not working as expected and giving inconsistent results.


      Using the Sample workbook Superstore Sales, I created a dashboard with three views (two are shown below).  I have an Action that filters from View 1 "Category" to View 2, "Sub-Category" and then to View 3 "Product Name".  When I click on Technology on the Category View, the Sub-Category view correctly applies the Technology filter and only Technology subcategories are displayed.


      Since there is no true breadcrumb, I'm displaying the Category and Sub-Category values in the Title using:


      Category: <Category>

      Sub-Category: <Sub-Category>


      But the Category is displaying at "None", which is wrong because there is data displayed and there is not a Category "None" in the dataset.  What's more, I expect it to display "Technology".


      Action Filter v Quick Filter v2.png


      A second question I have is does Category display correctly in the third view and Sub-Category does not display.


      Action Filter v Quick Filter v3.png


      I am also very open to suggestions about how to make better breadcrumbs for users drilling through data.


      Thanks in advance,

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