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    Set of values and conditional formatting

    Yaniv Cherfas

      Hi all,

      I need your advice

      I would like to build a dashboard which will present duration(Q) and number of resources I need to invest to develop my products.

      I have 3 sort of standpoints : goal/forecast and Actual.

      Therefore, I would like to show 3 sort of values all under one snapshot :

      1. Simple sum of resources or duration(Q)
      2. Forecast to goal and Actual to goal (gap number and %)

      Moreover, I would like to add conditional formatting to the shapes Red(3% above Goal), Green(3% below Goal) and Yellow(-3%<X<3%).


      Attached 1 snapshot and tableau package.




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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hello Yaniv,


          I think using reshaped data would be easier in the long run, since Actual/Forecast/Goal are elements of the Cycle dimension, we have to be looking across rows to get the values to do each calculation, and in Tableau that requires table calculations. My thought with the reshaping is that you'd have actual, forecast, and goal be separate columns within the data, then the comparisons would be much easier to create.


          However, like most calculation tasks in Tableau, there are different ways to do this, I've attached one way. There are set of three calculations for each comparison: Actual to Goal, Actual to Goal %, and then Actual to Goal Color, and the same for Forecast. These make use of the LOOKUP() table calculation set to Compute Using->Cycle and are completely dependent on the existing ordering of Goal/Forecast/Actual in the view. Then the two Color calcs are used in a final Highlight Color calc that is then used in the view.


          The "crosstab workout" view shows the calculations, I applied them in the "is this what you want?" view. Note the I had to change your custom shape for the duration to a circle because Tableau won't apply colors to custom shapes. I also used the color blind color palette because using red and green to show variation without another indicator (like position or shape) is not best practice since >7% of males have some degree of color blindness.


          Let me know if this works for you!



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            Yaniv Cherfas

            Thanks a lot Jonathan...

            Now I need only to understand how to utilize it for my further analysis

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              Jonathan Drummey

              You're welcome! If you have any questions, let me know.

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                chiehning chen

                Hi Jonathan,

                Thanks for your answer. Your tableau example is awesome.

                Think to I want to have a deeper learning on the topic, do you have any recommendation such as blog or book or example?