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    How to rank individual based on satisfaction scores?

    Emma Whyte



      I am working with a set of data collected from a satisfaction survey where respondents scored Speakers at events on a 1-7 scale.


      What I am trying to do is create a ranking system for these speakers.


      We have created a variable in a MySQL database called Speaker Satisfaction, which is the average of the averages of answers to multiple questions about a Speaker. We did this because the survey did not include an Overall Satisfaction measure.


      I have already searched on the forums and found related posts. I have tried the formula suggested by Joe (below) but this does not seem to be working for my data?


      Formula used currently:

      IF NOT ISNULL(AVG([Speaker Satisfaction])) THEN 

      IIF(AVG([Speaker Satisfaction]) == LOOKUP(AVG([Speaker Satisfaction]), -1), 

      PREVIOUS_VALUE(1), INDEX(), 1) 



      I would really appreciate anyone looking at the workbook attached and seeing if they can figure out where I am going wrong.