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    Filter not working when data blend view is drilled up to a higher level

      I have blended data sources at different detail levels and want to filter Jan - April of the year.

          It works fine when my drill level is at month

          When I drill up to quarter, then Q2 of the secondary data source shows April - Jun and the primary still filters on April

          When I drill up to year, secondary data source doesn't apply any filters at all while primary filters correctly on Jan - April


      My data sources are at different levels of detail:

          The first is at Property and Month

          The second is at Property, Department, Account, Month


      Because they are at different summary levels joining in the database does not work.  Also applying 'Level of Detail' filters has not worked.  Looking at the query I can see the filter is applied to both source's SQL when it is the month level.


      Since the two sources are related on month is this a bug that the Month filter is not applied across both sources?