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    New to custom geocoding mapping

    Lynn Kersting

      I am new to mapping in Tableau and would like to creat a custom geocoding to reflect our market areas. I have three defined territories Macro, Micro, and Sub-Territories based on zip codes. I would like to create filled maps, mostly 'heat maps', for any of the three territory levels for multiple measures, varying from volumes to margins, etc. The table below, as an example, shows only 1 of the many zip codes mapped to each of the sub-territories in St. Louis City/County. I have found several instructions on custom geocoding but am still struggling to produce the results I want from Tableau. I need helpful first/next steps to successfully set up the geocoding and desing the filled maps I wish to create.


      Macro  TerritoryMicro TerritoryMSA Sub-TerritoriesZipCodeLattitudeLongitude
      MSASTL - St. LouisCentral/South City6310238.6336-90.1912
      MSASTL - St. LouisClayton/Mid Town/South City6310538.6459-90.3264
      MSASTL - St. LouisFranklin/Jefferson6306938.4922-90.748
      MSASTL - St. LouisLincoln/Warren6335738.6512-91.1516
      MSASTL - St. LouisNorth City/County6303138.8069-90.3401
      MSASTL - St. LouisSouth County6301038.4305-90.387
      MSASTL - St. LouisSt. Charles6330138.8014-90.5065
      MSASTL - St. LouisWest County6300538.6318-90.6142