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    Exporting text

      I have some visualizations with large amounts of data with great care taken to integrate a number of different data sources. I found that my client uses the visualization to filter down to the information they are interested in and then exports the underlying data to excel for further analysis. This is fine but then I get a lot of questions about where the data originated, how variables were calculated in the original data set etc.. Is there a way in Tableau to set up a text field that is also exported to excel. For example, someone exports a crosstab and at the bottom there is a note that says: "The full data set can be found at..."

      Thank you in advance

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Matthew,


          Currently, this is not possible. It would be a good one to add to the Ideas section! For the time being, I would suggest simply adding a caption to the worksheet, then they would at least see where the data came from before exporting.