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    How to make this filter work the way I wanted (please refer to the attached workbook)?

    Xiaorong Li

      Hi guys,


      I have a question about how to make a filter works the way I wanted in a dashboard (please refer to the attached workbook).


      In dashboard1 I have two sheets. The first one is the sales over year color coded by product category. The second sheet (on the bottom) is the total sales each year. When I click a particular product category, say 'office' (orange color) in the first sheet, I will have all 'office supplies' (orange color)  highlighted with others being grayed out, which is good. Now what I want to do is: I want to have a filter so that when I click any product category in the first sheet, the second sheet will also be updated. So instead of showing total for each year, it will only show the sales for the selected category each year.


      The filter action I currently use in the dashboard will only allow me to show sales for the selected category for a particular year. For example, if I click 'office' (orange color) in the year 2007 bar in the first sheet, then in the second sheet it will only show 'office supplies' sales for year 2007. Can anybody help me with that? Thanks so much!