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    How do I get grid lines in front of the bars on a bar chart?

      How do I get the gridlines (Lines for Rows) to show up in FRONT of the bars on a bar chart?


      Alternately, can I make the color for ONE category to be completely transparent (without effecting the transparency of the other categories)?


      Alternately, can I make a category not show WITHOUT "excluding" it?


      In order to make a percentages graph show up the way I want, I set the top category to a color of white.  I cannot just remove (exclude) the top category because the total used to calculate the percentage is changed (and the bottom 2 bars now add up to 100%).  I want the bottom top bars to add up to their percentage, with the top bar (in this case representing prepared students) to be blank.


      Ideally, I would have the gridlines to appear IN FRONT OF the bars (so the lines would cross at all levels).  I could tolerate the current method (behind the bars) if I could find a way to make the lines stretch over the whited-out areas.


      Here is what I have so far:




      Note that, where the whited-out bars occur, there are just dashes.  That looks okay in some parts, but gets cumbersome as it nears the top of the gray areas.


      Any suggestions?