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    url parameters with global filter values

    Matt Comstock

      Working on a dashboard page that contains seven worksheet views.  Six of the worksheet views (a.k.a. filter views) have a global filter.  When values are highlighted in one or more of the six of the filters views, then the record counts change in the seventh worksheet view.  


      At any point when the user is selects values in one or more of the filter views I would like to have a URL action (one url parameter for each filter view -- total of six url parameters) set with the currently selected filter view values.  I can get one parameter set with the value of one filter view (only when interacting with it), but I can't get the current global filter values of all filter views in the six url parameters at once.


      In essence I want to take all six current global filter values and set them as url parameters "http://mydomain.com/page.html?key1=<globalfiltervalue1>&key2=<globalfiltervalue2>&key3=<globalfiltervalue3>&.key4=<globalfiltervalue4>&key5=<globalfiltervalue5>&key6=<globalfiltervalue6>"


      I ran this by some tableau consultants, but they were not able to come up with a solution.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.