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    Database error 0x80004005: Too many fields defined.

    Sean Otto

      I get this error when I try and perform an extract, but my work colleage doesn't get the error when using the exact same files and creates an extract.  Does anyone know what is causing this?



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Sean,


          Typically this error is caused by Microsoft's JET database engine.  It limits Excel, Access, and text file to 254 columns, text fields of 255 characters, and other such limitations like the number of rows that can be loaded.


          However, since you say your colleague is connecting to the same exact file, this makes me wonder if something else is going on. If it is indeed the same file that you both are trying to connect to, I would recommend sending a support ticket to support@tableausoftware.com. If possible, include the file that is trying to be connected to, log files and as much information as possible!



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