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    Top 5 and Bottom 5

    Andrea Gilbert

      I need to identify the top five questions when Agree and Stongly Agree are added together and the Bottom 5 when Disagree and Strongly Disagree are added together (OK to be on two different worksheets). I would like to report the top 5 and bottom 5 with the visual intact (dimensions showing on the 100% axis).  If that is not possible, I'd like to show at least  Positive, Neutral, Negative, and Not applicable fields.  How do I create this calculation so it shows the other measures?

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          Alex Kerin

          I added together the # rather than trying to anything with the %s - didn't really know how those came about. If you need to use the % to assess top/bottom and the sort, I would need to know how to aggregate the %s together. You could do top 5 and bottom 5 on the same chart, but it is involved - easier to pull two sheets together on a dashboard.

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            Andrea Gilbert

            Thank you.  This got me on the right track.  I created a calculated field that added Strongly Agree and Agree together (positive rank), then sorted the question field by the field Positive Rank.  Finally, I filtered question on top 5.