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    OR clause in filters

    Bibhu Chaudhury

      I have a Tableau report where I would like to apply a new filter which is a combination of multiple columns e.g. date1 > 04/15/2012 OR date2 > 04/15/2012. It seems the filter drag and drop doesnt work in this scenario. I tried creating calculated measure but that didn't work either. Any thoughts?

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          Hi Bibhu,


          It is possible to use Parameters to define the fields you would like to filter by and then use these parameters in Calculations to achieve the OR functionality.


          I have attached a workbook that shows this example using the Order Date and Ship Date on the Superstore Sales example. Can you have a play about with the parameter sliders and let me know if this is what you were looking for please?




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            Bibhu Chaudhury

            Hi Siraj,

            Thanks for your reply. I did use calculated measure to solve this, however I think the problem was in date conversion .. got error "command text was not set for command object". Source database is Teradata.

            IIF (

            [Date1] <= DATE ("04/15/2012") or [Date2] <= DATE ("04/15/2012")

            ,1 ,0



            I finally avoided this by defining a date parameter and then using that in the calculated measure.

            Best wishes,