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    pass url parameter to second data source

    Mark Holtz

      Does anyone know if there is a way to pass a url parameter to a second datasource?


      I cannot share our project, but we are bringing users from a webpage (where the url passes Tableau parameters) into a Tableau workbook published on Tableau Server.


      Basically, we have data for all of our clients in this Tableau workbook. The user clicks on a client-specific link on the webpage and when they arrive on the 1st tab of the Tableau workbook, their data is filtered to show that client only. (We are employing a Context Filter which seems to make the Tableau result work faster.)


      However, we have additional dashboard tabs in this workbook which are built from different data sources. When the user clicks on a tab for one of those other sheets, they are presented with data which no longer is forced to match the originally-passed url parameter.


      If we REFRESH the browser window (not the Tableau engine, but actual Explorer/Chorme/Firefox's refresh), it forces the parameter to pass down to the currently displayed Tableau view.


      We don't want everyone to have to load the page twice. Is there a way to get around this? 

      Either by ensuring the parameter is "internalized" by the Tableau workbook and applied to any and all subsequent views,


      forcing a hard page refresh upon moving to a different tab, which will force the parameter down.