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    Overlapping text problem

    Heather Campbell

      I'm struggling with using custom table calcs to correctly aggregate my data.  I'm joining a flat table to a mutiple row/entity table where the lowest level identifier is committee_xseq.  But I can't figure out how to incorporate this correctly into my table calcs (I've gone back and forth with computing using cell vs. advanced using committee_xseq at the lowest level restarting at entity_id, neither works correctly).  When I view data under my measures - only one row appears to be pulling which is correct, however, I'm still getting overlapping text.  My measure totals are also correct for each entity in my current views. 



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          Fionnuala Gibney

          Ok, I'm not going to pretend I understand your aggregation... but I think this 'fix' gets you the same numbers, without the overlapping text.


          I took COMMITTEE_XSEQUENCE out of the Level of Detail (it is why you're getting the overlapping data, since it's showing the same value for all the items in that column).


          Then, that 'broke' the calculation, as it was now summing across those fields, so I went into your:

          - Aspire calc

          and changed

          IIF (FIRST()==0, WINDOW_SUM(SUM([Aspire Giving])),0)


          IIF (FIRST()==0, WINDOW_SUM(avg([Aspire Giving])),0)


          - Limetime calc






          It gets the same numbers as you were, without the overlapping, I think it's because you have the same data in each row in the original version when you had the level of detail in, so the 'Average' sorts it out for you.


          Although, like I said, I'm not sure of what your calculations are doing entirely!


          Good luck,


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            Heather Campbell

            Thank you!!! I was definately overcomplicating and you cleared it up for me!