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    Open Dashboard with action ?




      Is it possible to open a new dashboard from an action ?

      I would like to run another request when an user clicked on a value.


      Best regards.

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          Marc Engle

          HI Benoit,

               To some extent, yes this can be done.  On a dashboard or a sheet, if you choose the actions menu item, one of the options under the "Add Action" button is "URL"  If you choose that, it will give you the capability to enter a URL you want to launch at the time that the action is fired.  If you know the URL of the dashboard you want to open, you can enter that URL there.  Additionally, if the sheet contains the appropriate level of detail, you can also pass values as a query string parameter to pre-filter the target dashboard.


          Hope that helps,


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            BENOIT LEGRAND

            Thank you Marc, I'm going to try.