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    DataViz Challenge: California HealthCare Foundation

      There is about 2 weeks left of California HealthCare Foundation's The Picture of Health: A Data Design Challenge. The main goal is to explore creatively how CHCF might present health care costs data in a compelling and comprehensible way for policymakers and the public. Entries can be interactive (on any digital platform) or static (PDF pages).


      The deadline for submission is May 16, 2012



      • First Place: $5,000
      • Second Place: $3,000
      • Third Place: $1,000
      • Honorable mentions: $500 (two)


      Judging Criteria:

      • Presentation: Does the submission present data in a compelling or elegant fashion? (30%)
      • Education: Does the submission help make health data more understandable to policymakers and the public? (30%)
      • Creativity: Is the submission inventive? Interesting? Fun? Does it incorporate additional appropriate data sources? (40%)