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    100M+ row Incremental extract failing with MemoryDataStream::GetOutput

    Fred Oko

      Started getting this error for the nightly scheduled refresh on the server


      com.tableausoftware.vizql.dll.DataSourceException: Tableau Data Engine Error: 4: MemoryDataStream::GetOutput


      recently when it had been working fine. Extract is of two joined tables that started off as 20M rows, first incremental of +50M and then each day after +10M and now > 100M in total and consistently fails on this error.


      While /admin/views/tabbed_admin_views/SpaceUsage has never budged from reporting the initial value of 711M it looks the the .tde on disk is now 4GB. I have another extract at 7GB that is fine but it is doing hourly refreshes of <100K rows.


      Am I hitting some internal limit or such?

      Thx in advance