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    Can't publish workbook anymore...port problem?




      I can't publish workbook to Tableau Server. It used to be perfectly fine before. I am getting the following error everytime I try:


      Internet communication error: A connection with the server could not be established



      Please see screenshot for full display message.


      I suspect that it could be due to a port related issue but:

      - I can connect to my workbook online just fine

      - I can create a remote desktop connection to my server on my machine


      Is Tableau Desktop using a specific port when publishing workbooks to Tableau Server?




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          I managed to find the source to my problem.


          I changed the proxy settings of Internet Explorer some time ago while travelling to a location where I could not use Firefox (my default browser).

          It seems that Tableau is using IE connection settings when connecting to Tableau Server.


          The connection error message generated by Tableau Desktop would gain in being more explicit and mention this possible source of error...