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    How to make this filter global with Tableau 6.0 version

    Xiaorong Li

      Hello guys!I have one question about making a filter global in a dashboard and need to seek help from you guys.


      In the attached workbook I have a dashboard which shows two charts. One is showing the top N Product Sub-categories based on the sales (a parameter is created for this).  The other is showing how sales look like over the years with different color of lines indicating different product sub-categories.


      I would like to make the "show Top N" filter applied on the first chart global, meaning that if a user chooses to only show the top 3 product sub-categories, the bottom chart will also be updated to only show the top three ones (so only three lines in the line chart)


      I can do this on Tableau 7.0 (by using product sub-category as a filter, and then choose 'TOP' in the edit filter window, and then create a parameter to show top N). Then when I click Product sub-category in the filter shelf I can choose 'make global'.  However, I can not find a way to do this on Tableau 6.0 (my company is currently using 6.0 so I need to find a solution with Tableau 6.0 version). If I click the 'TOP N Product Sub-category' filter I created, there is no 'make it global' option. Can you help me with this? Thank you so much!!