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    how do I prevent tableau from creating and using a localized version of an excel data source?

      A few weeks back I noticed as an analyst appends a new layer of data to the excel file (as the data becomes available week over week), the data is not updating in the packaged workbook created. It turns out that the packaged workbook file creates a localized version of that data source, altering the data source altogether. So when the initial excel file is updated with data, that data is bypassed as it is calling the old/ localized version of the data almost like a cache.


      Is there a way to have tabluea directly call the excel file in it's original file path always, instead of creating this cached/ localized version of the data, by which we have to manually reset the connection week over week in order to gather the latest set of data?


      I have created the file in tableau pro, and it is being shared with viewers internally.