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    Unresponsive Map-Use as Filter

    Juan Ramón de Arana

      I have a problem with my US symbol map (i.e, circles). 


      When a particular state is selected on the map, the rest of the circles disappear insteaad of being "greyed out" as I have usually see them in other presentations.


      Additionally, and I don't know if this is at all related to my first problem, I have selected the option "Use as Filter" in the sheet for a Table included in the Dashboard, so that when the user clicks on a particular column of the table, the map can can that particular State or Region. The table displays population by State, Region (Northeast, South, etc.) , calculated as "Total"; and, finally, by the Grand Total.


      When the column corresponding to the "Region" column is selected on the table, the circles in the map will in fact correspond to that particular region. But when the bar for the "Total" (of the Region) row is selected, the map will display the "Grand Total" of the Table.


      I attach the workbook here. The information is in Spanish but easy to understand ("Estado"= State; "región"= Region; "Españoles" = Spaniards).


      I can't get around the solution but I imagine I'm missing something really obvious.


      Thank you for your help.


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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Juan,


          By removing the third action on your dashboard (it's called Filter 1, with QT-P15 as the source and Estado as the Field), clicking on a point on a map will 'gray' out the other points. Having this filter on the view, makes the view more specific and thus, Tableau thinks they want just the data for the specific point (and for only that point to be shown on the map).


          In terms of the totals, Tableau will never show just the total. It will either show all the points on the view, a single point or other specific points that are highlighted.


          I hope this helps!



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            Juan Ramón de Arana

            Thank you very much for your answer. I have the updated the viz and it seems to be working just fine.


            Again, thank you very much.