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    How to Edit Alias Values off of Published Extracts/Data Sources?

      Hi guys,


      I'm working with a team of analysts here.  We've created extracts off of our data sources and have published those data sources to the server for us to connect our workbooks against.  These published extracts are on a 2 hour refresh schedule. 


      I've been creating my reports/dashboard off these published extracts and edit the alias of values that are not name-friendly to understand.  In the workbook, the value alias names change to the name I enter.  However, when I publish the workbook to the server, the original alias value appears - not the edited alias. 


      My question is Why aren't the Edited Alias values appearing on the published dashboards?  Is it because I am connected to a published data source?  Or am I missing a step? 


      Thanks in advance

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          Robert Royer

          I know this is a rather old post, but I am also running alias problems with my setup. For me (version 8.0), I cannot create aliases on any field if the data source is a data source or extract published to Tableau Server. This is pretty frustrating, and I have not been able to find a reason or a fix.


          Here's the workaround though - and should work for you as well: If you need an analysis, duplicate the field first. You can set an alias on any NEW field created on top of the extract/saved data source. When you publish, you should lose your alias.


          Again, very frustrating but it works.