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    Adding "Exclude" filter kills query performance

    Nick Conner

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I am experiencing an issue where using an "Exclude" filter on most of the views in our suite of reports causes load times to jump from ~5 seconds to well over a minute...and generally long enough to time out (I haven't been patient enough to wait that long).


      Alternatively using "Keep Only" does not present this issue...performance remains in the 5 second range.


      The big issue here, is that since we use Tableau Server to allow users to use a self-service model with reporting/analytics, they need to be able to filter out values in some circumstances using the standard Server click -> exclude functionality. I have instructed them to start using "Keep Only", but I consider this a work-around and not a true solution.


      I'm going to try and grab the dynamically built queries out of the log files for unfiltered, excluded, and included in order to do some comparisons, but in the meantime I wasn't sure if there is a commonly known issue or resolution here. I'll go through tableau support if need be, but figured I'd save them some time and try the forums first.



      I'll post the queries if I can get a chance today to extract them from the logs.