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    I want to use a workbook for different fiscal years

    Becky Logan

      I want to have two workbooks, each with the exact same type of data but for different semesters. I have so far 4 semesters of data in an Excel spreadsheet - Fall 09, Spr 10, Fall 10, Spr 11, each on its own worksheet. The fields are all the same - the values are different .I want one Tableau workbook to show Fall 09 and Spr 10 and one to show Fall 10 and Spr 11. I don't want to have to recreate all the worksheets and dashboards.


      I have one Tableau workbook with one data connection set to the Fall 09 worksheet in the Excel SS, and another data connection to the Spring 10 worksheet.


      I copied the workbook from Windows explorer to a new name. I open the copied workbook and set the data connections to the Fall 10 and Spr 11 worksheets of the Excel spreadsheet and gave each data connection a new name.


      But when I go back and forth between the two workbooks, I have to reset the data connections each time (Data Data Connection Edit). And when I do, I get errors that I have to correct.


      It seems unreasonable that I have two workbooks with two different names each having uniquely named data connections but they insist on working in tandem.


      OK - I can't add all four worksheets of data into a Tableau workbook - there is too much data.


      I COULD redo the workbook and filter for just the fields I plan to use. Then Tableau might be able to connect to all 4 semesters of data.


      I am confused by Data Connections, Renaming, Duplicating, Bookmarks, linking, joining, blending. Also, I never see the data connections I create in the Saved Connection list.


      I am using Tableau 6.0 Desktop.

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          Becky Logan

          I made another copy of my Excel spreadsheet still with 4 worksheets representing 4 semesters, but I winnowed down the # of columns to those I might use.


          I thought I could simply add some more data connections for the remaining 2 semesters because now I wouldn't have to be importing so much data.


          But when I try to add another connection, it simply overwrites one of the connections I already have.


          I guess I need to divide my Excel spreadsheet into two and then I can have a truly separate workbook with a truly separate data source for the second year's data.