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    Global filter / multiple selection (dif. data source) / huge data / guided analysis

    Yuriy Gavrilov

      Hello Everybody,


      I have a huge volume of data, that data presents different level such as region / store / assortment level. Therefor to save datasource performance i need to make preselection of parameters. 1. select region 2. select stores. 3. select level of assortment (4 level - inside ).

      at the end of selection guided analysis should be transfered by one action to "Report execution - worksheet" with is linked with huge datasource.

      Few problem: impossible to transfer all the parameters by one action in case of multi-choose because region\stores one data source, assortment in another one. bundle of parameters from both of them should be transfered to the third data source.

      I've tried to play with filter condition but it's completely reduce total performance.


      Detail case: Need to slice low level data (item movements) by Region \ stores \ assotment classificator (4 level inside ) \ by supplier \ by item status


      Help please with soulution ... ideas .. etc.


      Possible improvements:

      1. Global filter on dashboarts

      2. Special functionalities for guided analysis (philosophy from "software instalation process" - open \ select \ choose \ click \ mark \ ( variables ) \ next \ finish.

      3. Improve relations between datasource throught filters \sets\ condition \ calculated fields

      4. Improve dashboard - relations between datasource \  special layout - "Parameters"

      5. Possibilities to hide unnecessary (for first view) sheets (secondary sheets) from published workbook ( exp: Workbook - Sales \ DB - Parameters \ sheet - Execution, in that case nobody can use sheet "execution" before choosing parameters )


      I will explane more detail it the ideas section