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    Parameter to display values

    Andre Goehler



      I am trying to use a parameter so that the customer can decide whether he wants to see labels or not.


      Calculation:  If [parameter] = yes then (????) else ....


      (????) stands for a function that shows labels or displays the value, just like the Abc button does.

      Does anyone know how that works?





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          Alex Kerin

          If you put this calculation on the labels shelf it should work:


          If [parameter] = yes then whatever aggregation you are using (e.g. sum)([whatever variable you are plotting]) end


          Should work.

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            Steven Taylor

            Hi Andre,


            First, I would recommend setting up your parameter like this:  When you use an integer instead of a string, your calculations will be faster. 



            In this case, I want [School Name] to be my label.  So I set up a calculated field like this:


            In this case, I just want to show labels or nothing.  If you want it to choose between two fields for the labels, then just put a field name where the "" is currently.


            Add the Calculated field to the Labels shelf.  In this case I named it "Labels Calc":

            Labels Shelf.png

            Then right click on the parameter, and select "Show Parameter Control." Now the parameter should control what is displayed in your labels. 


            Hope this helps.



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              Andre Goehler

              Hi Alex and Steven,


              Thanks for your reply, but that does not help me at all.

              I tried that before but since i have multiple tasks or measure values this does not work anymore.


              Case 1: Measure Values


              In this case, i want to colour Avg's above 6.5 or below 5.9 for Question (Q06, Q14, Q15)


              So i wrote a parameter to choose between Highlight above 6.5 or below 5.9 or do not Highlight



              Then i wrote 2 calculations to define the parameters




              Now i put those together in a "show-colour calculations"



              The problem i have is, that the highlighting still does not work, If one AVG is below 5.9 it highlights the whole row. But i want the calculation to recognise each question. That means it requires a Field which includes those 3 questions at the same time.


              See Problem here:




              Case 2:


              If i have multiple Marks on a worksheet i would have to write as many "show label calculations" as many marks i have. But im looking for some sort of general calculation which takes impact on every single Mark. So again we got the same issue here.