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    Odd Radio Button Behavior...

    Shawn Wallwork

      I've hit a filter set up that ends up displaying a very odd result. Ultimately my questions are: Is this a 'known issue'? Is there a solution?



      These two filters interact, controlling the display of measures on a map. Each Site can have either single or multiple Placements. We don't want to give the user the (All) option, so I turned that off and everything works as expected. But not all Placements are used for every Site so many of the combinations disappear the map. To solve this I changed the Placement filter to show Only Relevant Values.



      Everything works fine with 2+ placements. The filter is trimmed to relevant placements.



      When there is only one relevant Placement, the filter is trimmed as expected, and in this case the map is disappeared. (It would be nice if the filter defaulted to one of the relevant values, but I'll stick this over in the Idea section.) Clicking on the radio button produces this view:


      The map comes up as expected, but the radio button remains blank (no matter how many times you click it). If you add back in the (All) option you'll see what's going on:


      The focus is being thrown to the (All) radio button even when it is hidden!


      The only 'solution' I could come up with was to not to turn off (All) and turn on Only Relevant Values on the same filter, unless there is more than one relevant value for all possibilities.  (Not much of a solution.) Anybody have any other ideas? Am I missing something?



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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Shawn,


          I don't think you're missing anything, this sounds to me like something to submit to Tableau tech support. Your description took me a couple read throughs to understand, I suggest that in your write-up to them you get really explicit about which radio button clicks have which results. (For example, the sentence at the end of step 2).



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            Shawn Wallwork

            Thanks Jonathan, it's always nice to know I'm not missing something. And good suggestion, I'll add some red boxes to the pix, and little better explanation. One thing I've recently noted is the behavior isn't consistent, which of course will drive both me and the Tableau engineers crazy!


            Anyway, when I get a chance I'll open a case using their new (and greatly improved!) support form.