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    Minutes and Seconds?

    Per Strid

      I have a field with average seconds spent on our web site (from Google Analytics)

      Easy to build report like


      Measure Names
      # Visits889,267
      # Visitors204,972
      # Page Views15,140,102
      Avg. Page Views Per Visit17.03
      Avg. Time On Site1,284


      Also "easy" to convert time to minutes:seconds


      ATTR(STR(INT([Avg. Time On Site (s)]/60))+":"+

      IIF(LEN(STR(INT([Avg. Time On Site (s)]) % 60))=1,"0"+STR(INT([Avg. Time On Site (s)]) % 60),STR(INT([Avg. Time On Site (s)]) % 60)))


      This will show 21:24 but how do I get it into the table? It becomes an Attribute however I try to (remove the ATTR()) do it. It just gets a dimension...

      Or is there other ways to treat time? Formatting?