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    How to display a dimension in the tooltip, that is not being used in the worksheet but coming as a pert of SQl select statement?

    Dinesh Kushwaha



      I have developed a dashboard that displays the server status (Normal, Critical, Warning) based on the error % value. upto 1% error Normal, 1%-5% errors  Warning & above 5% errors Critical.this based on number of success or failure hits to the server. I do have error message dimension that contains Error message in case of error hits. This error message is not used in the worksheet & is not nedded as well. BUt I want to diplay errors in toooltip where end user places cursor on a particular Status. Cureently, My tooltip is showing:

      • Server name
      • Incident Date
      • Status (Normal, Critical, Warning)
      • Success Count
      • Error Count
      • Error %


      I want to add the error message as well to it. Please help me on - how to do it?


      My Dashboard looks like:


      ServerDate-1Date - 2Date-3
      Server -1NormalNormalNormal
      Server 2NormalNormalWarning
      Server 3ErrorWarningWarning
      Server -4NormalWarningError


      Thanks & Regards,